Quality Policy Statement

Furthermore keeping the current buyers, we we are trying to attract new partners with our correct business approach. Thus we ensure our stability and growth.
Our main goal is to fulfill all the requirements of the partners, authorities, standards and legislation.
During our processes we always take into consideration the claims of the buyers and we work closely in favour of the implementation.

The aim of the company is to deliver the ordered products at a good price and in the best quality while keeping the deadlines.

A key factor in achiving our goals is the constant development of our quality control and fulfillment of the steadily raising standards of the automotive industry.

We ensure the training of the staff and take care of the constant and environmentally - friendly development of the used technologies.

To create good conditions for quality work and quality consciousness we are engaged to improve the working conditions and to give financial and moral recognition to our colleagues.

All the issues raised in this policy are obligatory for the management, and expected to be acknowledged and kept by the colleagues and the suppliers, too.